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I'm a life-long educator and athlete who has been challenged by the nature of change.  What I did in my twenties as a college athlete, coach, and educator I do differently today.  And why wouldn't I? The world in which we live is certainly different. So are we.  For the past forty years, I've studied and experienced the mind-body connection.  Along the way, I've listened intently and attentively - to others and to myself.  I've learned that we truly are indivi-duals, with this perceived duality of mind and body really being indivisible.  In fact, each influences the other and to change one is to change the other.  So, to this end, we need to understand that to grow is to change, and this involves each of us examining our assumptions while moving out of our comfort zones.  

I've earned the professional credentials...a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (with a specific emphasis upon self-efficacy, achievement motivation and sports performance), personal fitness credentials through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and TRX Suspension Academy, and over four decades of work in the field of education at virtually every level.  Just as importantly, I've been committed to fitness on a personal level for most all of my 73 years, I've coached countless athletes at virtually every level, including elite-level professional athletes , I've led counseling departments through constructive change, and I've parented three children who have been successful student-athletes in their own way while learning about the value of lifelong fitness. Finally, after all these years, I remain a life-long learner open to new possibilities.  My passion now is to help others move through the change process and become more fully-functioning and actualized human beings.  This possibility is within reach.  It's up to you to find it in you.  I can help. If you are a member at the Mandell Jewish Community Center, you can find me there.  If not, we can work together at my gym. Either way, reach out to me when you're ready to grow.

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Client Testimonials


Woman in Yellow

I enjoy working with Doug because he attends to my specific needs and objectives.  He always keeps the workouts fresh each time so they never get monotonous.  Plus, he follows up the next day to see how I'm feeling from the previous day's session. He really cares about how I'm responding to each workout and I appreciate that.


Smiling Young Man

I like that Doug has a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows him to adapt during sessions when the need arises.  He modifies exercises as he observes me, sometimes making them more challenging and other times less so.  I learn a lot from him that I then use on my own.


Senior Man

Doug plans exercise programs that are based upon my fitness age and not my chronological age.  He is always looking to move me out of my comfort zone just enough so that I gain strength and flexibility.  He emphasizes functional fitness that transfers to everyday living for me. I move around a lot better since I've been working with him.


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A Book for You

How to Die Young as Old as You Can

This book was a passion project of mine that was born from a desire to help others extend their health span and to enjoy life as they experience the aging process. No matter how old you are, it's never too late to begin adding quality years to your life while embracing each moment in the present with a vitality that is captured through the right kind of attitude combined with the right kind of physical activity.  Click on the button below to go to my author page and to learn more about my book.

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